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If you're looking for a high quality personal training service that specializes in weight loss then you have come to the right place. At Elite Fitness and Body you will be exposed to the most dynamic and progressive fitness training systems that are available today. We are on the cutting edge of the fitness and weight loss industries and have a rock solid proven track record of success. Our personal training systems and programming always begin with answering one critical question: What is the smallest change that we can make to your life that will have the most significant impact? In most cases the answer to this question is very different for each client but when it is successfully answered and implemented; the results are always the same. Success. 

As a personal trainer I have learned that success breeds motivation. Meaning, that when we give a personal training client something that they can succeed at, they are easily motivated to do more once they have experienced the benefits of that success. It is with this philosophy that we have developed Elite Fitness Personal Training Program. One small change at a time and one success after another we will methodically lead you through the changes that are necessary for you look and feel the way you have always dreamed of. 

The moment you walk through our doors at Elite Fitness you will quickly understand why we have become the most sought after and in-demand personal training program in Birmingham, Alabama. Our passion to see you succeed is authentic and contagious. I have been asked by many fitness professionals around the world how we are able to contractually obligate ourselves to a one hundred percent money back guarantee of delivering results and still survive as a business when we can't control everything that a client does (or doesn't do) outside of the gym. And my answer is simple: We simply choose to CARE more than most fitness professional and personal trainers would consider to be wise. 

I can confidently say (and think you will soon agree) that we offer the most comprehensive, effective and FUN personal training service in Birmingham, Alabama. Although we design each our clients' fitness program to fit with their current condition, we also work to intentionally integrate a sense of family and friendly competition among our personal training clients. This tends to add an extra layer of accountability, support and encouragement that is rarely found in the old and outdated personal training style of the past. 

I'll close with this: I'm fully convinced that my life's purpose is to help others accomplish what they cannot accomplish on their own, and because of that, I am here to serve you. I may not always tell you what you want to hear and I may not always be your favorite person but, I will ALWAYS serve you with a standard of excellence that is second to none. I will pour myself out for you and will fight for your personal successes as though they are my own. I eat, sleep and dream of my clients standing victorious over every goal, dream and/or ambition that they once thought to be impossible. I was simply made for this! 

And so...I challenge you. Stop making excuses and over-rationalizing. Stop procrastinating. Right now you have the opportunity to join our team and have myself and my staff pour our heart and soul into your personal success. You will succeed. I guarantee it. And your time to do NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Right Now. So pick up your phone and call us at 205-552-5780 to schedule a free fitness consultation or just simply fill out the form below. Just do something because not making a decision at all is the absolute worst decision that you could ever make. We are here to serve you, just grant us the opportunity to do so. 

Devoted to your success,

Brad D. Bearden
Fitness Director
Elite Fitness & Body
2341 John Hawkins Pkwy, Ste. 135
Hoover, Al 35244
(205) 552-5780

Elite Fitness and Body, LLC 2341 John Hawkins Parkway--Ste 135, Hoover, AL 35244
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